At DBI we strive to provide interior designs keeping our clients perspective in mind.

Our process starts by understanding your budget and getting a design that is appealing but within the approved cost.

Our services includes project cost estimation, space planning, designs for kitchen, wardrobes, console units, wall treatments, ceiling and flooring.

Our design process follows functional design, material selection to final design.

45 days is our average time for design phase


We started DBI based on our capability in doing design and build.

We provide a seamless design to build experience.

Our project team takes up all aspects of interior fit out. This includes, loose furniture, modular units, work stations, flooring, ceilings, painting, plumbing electrical.

Our project timeline varies between 45 to 60 days.

Our Process

  • Client on boarding

    DBI will provide a high level estimate based on shared floor plan and requirements. If we come to a consensus we will move to design stage. […]

  • Design stage

    Design Based on your requirements we visualize the interiors. Our presentation will focus from functional planning to final finish. At the end of the design phase […]

  • Execution stage

    Project timeline depends on scope of work; general guidance is 60 to 90 days. Project will have a site engineer; production of units will be at […]

  • After sales service

Share your details, we will get back in 2 business days time

Share your details, we will get back in 2 business days time